Meet Owners, Ben and Mari Bull

Ben and Mari Bull have been married for 34 years and have 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and a chocolate lab named Koda who loves everyone and loves to play. Ben and Mari encourage children, parents, and grandparents to enjoy fishing and the outdoors together and to keep families strong.

Ben was born and raised in Wisconsin. He’s an avid Packer fan and fisherman. He served in the U.S. military for 5 years and was on active duty in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. Ben has been a carpenter and high-end home builder for 25 years and has a heart for northern Minnesota’s lakes and fishing.

Mari was born and raised on a dairy farm in south central Texas and enjoys the outdoors, fishing, gardening, and woodworking. She worked for an environmental and civil consulting firm as a project assistant for 24 years, including 13 years in Wisconsin and 11 years in Texas.

“We both desire to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ and live our lives in a manner that honors Him. We owe everything to Jesus. The beauty of this place at Dreamers Resort is the work of His hand. We praise Him for this opportunity to share its beauty and great fishing with you and your family and friends.”

– Ben and Mari Bull

Meet Co-owner, Deborah K. Ottmers

Deborah is Mari’s sister and was also was raised on a dairy farm in the Texas Hill Country across the river from the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall. Deborah has a chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund) named Dixie who hangs out with her in the office. Deborah enjoys sewing, cross stitch, music, and reading. She co-owned a t-shirt shop for 5 years, worked as a bookkeeper for the Stonewall Head Start program for 18 years, and was a bookkeeper at a telecommunications company for 7 years before joining Dreamers.

“The Lord has always guided me and opened doors on which I would never have thought to knock. There have been struggles and hardships in my life but God has always taken care of me and shown me the path to follow.  I never dreamed he would bring me to this beautiful resort with so many wonderful people. I look forward to serving him and you as he guides me down this new path of adventure.”

– Deborah K. Ottmers